Is it possible for zombies to exist

Express your opinion on if you feel zombies exist and why you feel that it is possible for a dead person to live again. Zombies to exist given the physical properties we have, if physicalism is true, it just isn’t possible for a being with the same physical properties not to have. Best answer: no, it's not possible zombies are a scientific impossibility if you want something a zombie apocalypse, the closest thing would probably be 28 days later, where it's a rage virus undead creatures like zombies and vampires simply don't make any logical sense they can't exist in our world if.

Technically no, but for medical imitations of zombies, yes here is an explanation of scientific possibilities: there are many possibilities for zombie-like things to exist not all are what you. Zombies are all the rage, and they have been for a few years now the inevitable zombie apocalypse has inspired more products, preparedness guides and designs than we can count, but none of us actually think a zombie apocalypse is possible, right scientists have come out many times and said that it. The concept of a p-zombie is a two-edged sword: if it is possible to show that p-zombies can exist, then the theory of eliminative materialism is in trouble, since it would seem that there are phenomena which can't be reduced to strictly materialistic causes proving that p-zombies can exist is impossible unless we can define them.

The zombie apocalypse in the walking dead makes it one of the most intense and gripping shows on television, but it might surprise you to learn a real zombie plague could be closer than you think. 26 percent of csumb students said that it could be possible for zombie apocalypse 26% of the students surveyed believed that it was in fact possible for a zombie apocalypse to end the world “yes it is totally possible. Let’s take a look into the world of the possible real zombie apocalypse one way a zombie outbreak might occur is through a virus or other disease that serves to dramatically alter the behavior of its host.

Now that we have clearly defined what a zombie apocalypse is, let us now find out whether there is any possibility for it to happen in this day and age, the field of medical science has advanced to a great extent. Could zombies exist please dont just call me a little kid i'm trying to be serious is it acually possible for a virus or disease to take controle of a hosts brain after they have been killed, but then wouldent decomposition just destroy the zombie in a matter of minutes. However, i don't think it's possible for someone who's already dead to become a zombie if they're already dead, there's no way they're coming back but like i said, if a virus infects someone who is living, i do think it can turn that person into what we know as a zombie. A zombie outbreak is possible it is one of the greatest fears of humanity, inspired by a bulk of hollywood movies, and scientists do believe that a zombie outbreak could happen.

Is it possible for zombies to exist

It is possible, but it wont necessarily be like what is in movies it would be the spread of disease, death, insanity, and cannibalism it wont be like the living dead, but ju st diseased people. It seems like almost everyone is fairly big into zombies these days, whether that fandom is limited to catching the walking dead every sunday or actually stockpiling water, ammo, and mres in. Moody suggests that if conscious inessentialism is true, then it is possible not just that an entire world like ours (except, of course, that it is inhabited by zombies) could exist, but moreover that such a world could evolve to be just like ours, but without any conscious life metaphysics and logic allow this possibility.

Zombie stories are terrifying, but most people feel safe knowing that zombies themselves aren't real well, not so fast , people while the movie zombies from night of the living dead and 28 days later might not be coming to get you anytime soon, there are plenty of organisms, toxins, and parasites that are creating forms of zombies every day. Are zombies possible october 27, 2013 by steven dunn in philosophy of mind you read it right – is it possible for zombies to exist can human beings come back from the dead and feed on the flesh of the living.

Research shows that zombies could exist or be created because viruses, bacterial infections and fungi and many other things, show symptoms of possible zombie behavior humans can get infected by fungi. Zombiedroid: hey, in social studies we have to do a dialectical essay on a topic with opposing sides naturally, i chose to write about 'zombies: is it possible for them to exist, or not. A zombie is an undead human and by that definition i do not believe zombies can exist it is impossible for something to be dead and alive at the same time if you are dead you are dead and if you are alive you are alive, so in that sense zombies can never exist. It depends on the type of zombie the undead are impossible you and i are able to think and move because when we digest food we get energy from it moving without energy is impossible, and a dead zombie with no heart pumping blood to the brain an.

is it possible for zombies to exist 10 ways a zombie apocalypse can happen  let’s face it: zombies are pretty awesome when they’re fictional for decades, zombies have been a fixture in some of the most popular horror films and cult classics. is it possible for zombies to exist 10 ways a zombie apocalypse can happen  let’s face it: zombies are pretty awesome when they’re fictional for decades, zombies have been a fixture in some of the most popular horror films and cult classics.
Is it possible for zombies to exist
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